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LMI Production - Société de production audiovisuelle Paris

   Our job   
  sublimate         your stories.


Using the Content factory model, we support our clients in the design of their content, from the idea to its realization : Brand content and corporate. We imagine stories, create universes and make films to bring unique experiences to your targets.

To bring these experiences to life we ​​put all our know-how at the service of creation. Our teams and our know-how allow us to produce all types of content to bring your campaigns to life: Videos, photos, motions, graphic creations, live, film. ​

Art, beauty, requirement of quality, three concepts that sum up our customers and the vision we have of our profession. A vision that we have put every day, for 10 years, at the service of our productions (more than 300/year).

“Too many skills are not skills” Japanese Proverb
This is why we only dedicate ourselves to three worlds: Watches & Jexelry,

Beauty & Fashion and Gastronomy. Universes found with these common denominators : Art, beauty, requirements of quality. In a word... luxury.


13 rue de Joinville

75019 Paris

© LMI 2023


Aurélien Desettre

06 48 25 35 91

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